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The Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory

Located at 9,500 feet in elevation with research areas ranging from 8,000 feet to above 12,000 feet, the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory (also known as RMBL - often pronounced ‘rumble’) is one of North America’s largest and oldest high altitude scientific field stations. Founded in 1928, RMBL is located in the abandoned mining town of Gothic, near Crested Butte, in the Upper East River Valley of the Elk mountains of Colorado.

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The Digital RMBL Project

The goal of Digital RMBL is to bring the ideas, data, and science developed at a small, but internationally renowned, field station in the mountains of Colorado into college classrooms around the world. We’ll introduce you to organisms (and other local characters) and their environment in and around a ghost town turned ecology field station.

Let’s start with the weather… this table shows the most recent temperatures from several RMBL weather stations at different elevations and the photos below show current conditions at the field station. How does the environment around RMBL differ from where you live?

For locations of the RMBL weather stations, check out Sensor Data under the Data Collections.

Cameras located in two RMBL lab buildings take photos towards the south - you can see Gothic Mountain from the camera in Willey Lab. The photos are automatically updated several times a day. Right click on a photo for the date/time stamp.

Recent view from Johnson Lab
Recent view from Willey Lab